I’m incredibly lucky and grateful to have an amazing family, with relatives around the globe. Lately a few family members have been making an effort to learn more about our ancestors, and it’s been fascinating to uncover stories, artifacts and even people that we didn’t know were related. We’re just scratching the surface, but it’s a thrilling experience and something we will document and pass on to future generations.

Last night I watched a video of  Gary Vaynerchuk, entrepreneur and marketing genius, talking about the legacy we are all leaving with our digital footprint. He pointed out that those of us who are approximately 20-40 years old are the patriarchs of our digital families. Most of what our ancestors thought and did is lost, while so much of what we do, and say, will live on forever. Your great great grandsons’ #ThrowBackThursday post in 2113 could easily link to a picture you captured today on Instagram.

Give that a few seconds to sink in.

I know, right? Heavy stuff.

With that in mind, Gary encourages us to think about the legacy we leave. How do we want to be viewed? What lessons do we want to teach and what values do we want to encourage? Is it clear what we’re passionate about? Will others perceive us to be a positive influence?

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