Month: August 2011

Field Trip: Walmart

The marketing industry is changing on so many levels. Therefore, we’re always testing new ideas at the GY&K school house and measuring to see what works. There are tried and true principles that we rely on (30+ years in business means we’ve hopefully learned a lot!), but now more than ever we have to keep […]


Brands, Ballparks and Event Marketing

This past weekend I had a chance to visit the new Yankee Stadium for the first time. Growing up, I went to the old stadium every summer with my father and a group of friends, so experiencing the new park was bittersweet. When I was a kid, I didn’t think much about the brands that were a […]


Is Your Website Optimized for TV?

There’s a fascinating battle taking place between retailers, device manufacturers, technology companies, content owners and various others. They are all jockeying for position as more and more consumers access the Web through their televisions.  Look no further than the recent Netflix announcement as an indication that the TV viewing experience may be changing faster than anyone […]