Month: December 2010

This Campaign is (NOT) Stupid – Diesel Targets Entrepreneurs

There’s something to be said for shock value, but many would argue it’s getting harder to make that kind of impact. After all, what did Madonna leave for Lady Gaga? Throw Britney in the mix and we’ve pretty much seen it all. When it comes to marketing, we’ve experienced shocking (Calvin Klein), bold (Nike – […]


You Down with O.P.P.? – The Art of the Cover Song

Are you down with other people’s property?  Well, if you’re a touring musician you should be. Some artists despise covers and play exclusively original material, but I believe this is a mistake and that strategically placed cover songs should be in every artist’s repertoire. Cover songs break down into a number of different categories and […]


Show # 4 – Lil’ Kim

Performer – Lil’ Kim Date  – September 24, 1997 Venue – The Strand, Providence, RI It was freshman year of college and hip-hop was my music of choice. Bad Boy Records had many of the top artists, including Notorious B.I.G, who was killed only a few months earlier. On this night the headliner was his […]